Executive summary

Our Achievements in 2020/21

We recognise the importance of constantly moving forward with ESG improvements. The world does not stand still and we continually assess what we are doing on ESG to stay ahead. The pandemic has certainly accelerated everyone’s – not only Hg’s – focus and commitment in this space. In 2020/21 we are particularly proud of the following achievements:

Caroline Löfgren Head of Responsible Investment, Hg

ESG across our portfolio

Societal contribution

Diversity and Inclusion at Hg

Diversity and Inclusion across the portfolio

Climate Change

2020 was a year that we are particularly proud of at Hg. Not only was it one of the best performing years in Hg’s history, but it was of huge significance to our evolution as a firm. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, Hg made important steps forward on our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, our thinking to define Hg’s Purpose, Values and Culture, and the launch of The Hg Foundation, an independent, grant-giving charity with a defined focus on education and technology for those in society who may otherwise experience barriers to access – initially funded by around $3 million in 2020/21 from Hg carry and profits.

Martina Sanow

Hg Partner & Deputy COO

In many years’ experience of leading businesses, I can say, without a doubt, that businesses that hold ESG values closest to the heart often prove to be the best-run businesses overall. My colleagues have the same philosophy and that’s why ESG is so embedded in Hg’s own strategy. I am delighted to report significant progress on our ESG strategy during 2020/21, achieving an AA++ rating from the UNPRI and declaring our carbon-neutrality for the second year. This progress helps us to lead by example and with pride as we continue to support over 30 businesses in Hg’s portfolio with their own ESG performance. We will continue to work hard on this throughout 2021

Dawn Marriott

Hg Partner & Head of Portfolio