This is Hg

The culture of Hg is much more like a tech company than a traditional PE firm and that is what makes us so special. It enables us to attract some of the best talent and management teams, all being proud of being part of the Hg family.

For Hg it is important that we walk the talk and act as a good role model for our businesses – if we ask them to take certain ESG topics seriously, we need to do so too.

UK firm of the year

Hg was proud to win the UK Firm of the Year award in the 2021 Private Equity International awards. The PEI Awards celebrate the private equity industry’s standout firms, highlighting their contributions to the worlds of fundraising, secondaries and more. This year’s industry-voted awards recognise the achievements of GPs, investors and advisory firms across more than 70 categories.


Our work as a private equity firm is more than just profit and growth. A sense of purpose and meaning fuels good work and drives positive change. Our purpose, defined in 2020, is:

Our clients help bring our Purpose to life:

The office of endowments oversees most of the University’s financial assets including the assets of most of the academic units, as well as our large hospital system and many affiliates. The University employs over 17,000 people and the core of what we do is to educate students, but our activities go beyond that to influence policy-makers, business leaders and other academic research. The returns that Hg helps to generate for the endowment support an ecosystem of learning. We have the best thinkers, the best researchers supported by world-class tools to advance knowledge and make our world a better place.”

The University of Chicago office of endowments

Our values

Hg is entrusted with pension funds, endowments; millions of underlying investors and therefore its responsibility reaches deep and wide. Furthermore, improvements in software utilisation affects the lives of millions of people, and we grow businesses for the long term, creating jobs and improved services.

Our guiding principles in social and environmental governance also serve as a motivational force in driving positive change. Hg has embedded its values into the company ethos such that they inform our actions every day. They guide us in our work within our teams and partnerships. The four cornerstones are:

Be genuine

  • Be authentic
  • Be honest
  • Speak the truth as you see it
  • Retain humility


  • Leverage collective expertise
  • Smart and entrepreneurial
  • A growth mindset
  • Continuously challenge

Go beyond

  • Be ambitious
  • Strive for excellence
  • Perspiration as well as inspiration
  • Take ownership

Win right

  • A “One Firm” & inclusive mindset
  • Consider our long-term impact
  • Play hard but always play fair

Great place to work

Great Place To Work® is an independent workplace assessment survey providing insight into how employees view a company’s culture. Hg conducts the survey across our three offices every two years. Our most recent assessment was conducted in 2021.

With a 90% response rate, 89% of our employees said ‘This is a Great Place to Work’ (up 2% from 2019).

What you think makes Hg a Great Place to Work:

“Open culture, people encouraged to be themselves”

“Flexibility in where you work”

“Low-ego, friendly fun and collaborative. Good compensation and benefits. Flexible hybrid working and trust”

“The quality of people – everyone is exceptional. Ability to get things done – most efficient and effective place I’ve ever worked”

“Entrepreneurial, high performing and very collaborative. Feel proud to work at Hg and it is a brand which is great for my career in the long term”

“The amount the business is doing to give back to the community, I think we should really be proud of the Foundation and all of the other charitable initiatives”

“I really love the opportunity for growth and development”

Here are a few highlights from our 2021 survey:

Management & Leadership


Management has a clear view of where the organisation is going and how to get there


Management is honest and ethical in its business practices


Management is competent at running the business

Equity/Diversity & Inclusion


People are treated fairly here regardless of their sexual orientation


People are treated fairly here regardless of their race or ethnic origin


People are treated fairly here regardless of their disability

Pride & Community


I’m proud to tell others I work here


People are willing to give extra to get the job done


unified by a drive for success and capability