Antitrust and competition law

Hg firmly believes that competition drives our businesses to be the best they can. Competition creates an incentive for our portfolio companies to excel, thereby stimulating diversity of products and services, productivity, economic growth and prices that reflect real value for consumers and businesses. Competition helps Hg’s portfolio companies to innovate and identify new needs and then develop better services accordingly.

As Hg’s businesses are active globally our activities can be subject to antitrust legislation at a national and regional level. We take a proactive and stringent approach to managing antitrust compliance, starting during the due diligence process and continuing through investment periods. We have a dedicated in-house antitrust lawyer to support Hg and its portfolio companies with M&A, compliance programmes, ethical awareness initiatives as well as advice on a day-to-day basis.

We are committed to an antitrust compliance culture from the ‘top down’ and across the entirety of Hg and our portfolio companies. Acting fairly and ethically in all of our business conduct is embedded in everything we do.”

Lisa Eger Senior Legal Counsel, Hg