Our portfolio community

Hg’s experienced team of 280 employees includes more than 160 investment and portfolio management professionals, supported by a network of portfolio partners, all of them seasoned senior managers from across industry, who work with the management teams of the companies in which we are invested to create value for shareholders. At the centre of this network, Hg builds and shares knowledge and expertise by facilitating the active collaboration of management teams across sector clusters and geographies.

Being part of the Hg tech portfolio for more than three years makes me proud and humble. Engagement, professionalism and genuine global insight are all key words that describe our continuous and trustful cooperation.”

Henrik Kastbjerg CEO itm8

Markus & Norbert CEOs Fondz Finance

We joined the Hg Portfolio family at the end of 2021 and we are definitely proud to be a part of it now. Our experience with the entire team has been beyond cooperative. The network and expertise the Hg Portfolio team offers is exceptional and will certainly help us to improve in some aspects of our business.”

It is just over a year into our partnership with Hg and we have already experienced significant transformation. It is great to have the support of a global investment partner experienced in our sector. Especially as we embark on the next phase of our journey towards being a leading cloud audit and assurance software provider across the world. We look forward to harnessing Hg’s extensive knowledge on managing global operations efficiently and its deep domain expertise on investment analysis as we work to accelerate the growth of our next-generation products so that we can equip our users with cutting-edge, efficient audit and analytics software solutions.”

David Osbourne CEO, Caseware

Portfolio engagement: Hive & events

Hive is our online collaboration platform through which our portfolio companies connect, collaborate and share best practice. Our Portfolio companies share many similar characteristics, therefore we find that facilitating a space for companies to share ideas and knowledge, and problem-solve is hugely beneficial to them. It is a powerful tool for value creation among the Hg Family.

The Portfolio Engagement team runs a calendar of events throughout the year for senior leaders across our portfolio of Hg-invested businesses. The purpose of them is to facilitate opportunities for in-person networking and sharing of best practice. Engagements typically fall into one of three types of forum:

  1. Hangouts. These regular, informal, catch-ups are tailored to each individual community we engage with. Topics tend to be structured around immediate needs, such as discussing emerging trends or current global issues and problem-solving together.
  2. Webinars. We hold regular webinars during which an expert will typically present on topics of interest; a learning opportunity for executives across our portfolio.
  3. Forums and Summits. These are one- or two-day in-person, high-quality networking events featuring external speakers and opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals across the portfolio; our communities find them extremely beneficial.

Between April 2021 and March 2022, we held 88 events supporting our portfolio, with over 5,750 attendees, with:

The CEO Community

Hg has a thriving CEO Community. The pandemic encouraged the introduction of a weekly hangout between CEOs from right across the portfolio of Hg-invested businesses; it was so popular that the hangouts continue to this day. CEOs regard it as a trusted forum to share ideas and common problems, and often refer to the community as the “CEO Hg family”. We also run in-person events for our CEOs, our 2022 CEO event took place in March and was a 3-day networking event attended by 23 of the CEOs.

The ESG Community

The need and wish to incorporate ESG parameters into business has grown exponentially over the past year and we give a great deal of support to our portfolio in this respect. Our ESG and Sustainability webinar and Hangout series is hugely popular. Hangouts are held every six weeks discussing different topics and typically attract 35-40 people. In recent sessions we have covered topics such as carbon footprinting and Hg’s sustainable business framework, alongside informal conversations on topics picked by the community.

By making collaboration and communication available across portfolio companies, Hg has made it easier for us to be inspired by other companies’ ESG initiatives and goals – itm8