Feedback from our portfolio

Despite the ESG assessment requiring a considerable effort from portfolio companies to complete, the feedback we have received from them is positive. The most common view of our portfolio is that the assessment clarifies what ESG means in the software sector and helps bring ESG to the Board.

Our assessment of, and support to, portfolio companies is having a positive impact and helping them improve their ESG performance.

Hg’s annual ESG assessment provides us with a comprehensive framework to measure and understand our sustainability journey. The quantifiable measures help us to identify material issues most relevant for our organisation and provide clear direction as we continue to focus on delivering results while caring for the environment, our people and communities, and ensuring transparency and accountability in how we operate.”

Kate Scarles

Chief People Officer, FE fundinfo

Sophie Arup

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Howden Group

We are committed to putting sustainability at the heart of our Group strategy through the people we hire, the work we do, and our own impact as a company. We realise we are on a journey and this is something we strive to improve each year, and therefore participation in Hg’s ESG assessment is a hugely valuable exercise for us, it challenges our ambition and helps raise awareness of this important area amongst our wider Group.”

Our ESG progress is an outcome of Hg’s excellent guidance through this complex topic and a very good example of great teamwork between Hg and our teams. Getting support and positive feedback from Hg has certainly been a ‘booster for motivation’ across our organisation.”

Eckhard Rautenberg

Chief Compliance Officer, Transporeon

Amalie Brinks Andersen

Sustainability Manager itm8

Due to the size of the ESG assessment, provided by Hg, the process has helped itm8 in obtaining an improved understanding of where in the organisation we as a company can do better.”

After finalizing the ESG assessment, Hg has involved itm8 in the process of locating initiatives that will lead to a stronger performance. By doing this Hg shows big respect to our business operations”

Line Blauenfeldt Nielsen

Sustainability Manager itm8