The Hg Portfolio Team

How we create value across the portfolio

Hg’s strategic support teams – creating value in our portfolio companies with strategy, experience and expertise:

One of Hg’s biggest strengths is our Portfolio Team. As a focused software and technology-enabled service investor, many of our portfolio companies face similar challenges and opportunities as they grow and scale. Over the past five years, Hg has made a sustained investment in building a team of almost 50 full-time, specialist operators with deep knowledge and expertise in running different functions within software and service businesses.

The role of this team is to work in partnership with our portfolio company management teams to build value by improving their operating model and ways of working. We provide direct support and lift on portfolio company initiatives, leveraging best-practice IP and tools that we have codified and make available for repeatable use.

Following each investment, our Portfolio Team works with the management team to identify the key commercial and operating levers that will drive performance. Our focus areas cover growth, technology, business systems, cyber security, data analytics, ESG and talent.

For each of these focus areas, the Portfolio Team leverages its depth of knowledge of best practice to help drive value creation in close collaboration with management. By providing practical support to management teams, leveraging our codified IP and tooling, as well as facilitating the active collaboration of teams across sectors and geographies, we aim to create maximum value for shareholders.

A key part of our support to portfolio companies is to enable collaboration and leverage experience across the Hg portfolio. We manage a proprietary collaboration platform, Hg Hive, through which we offer our portfolio companies a full end-to-end digital engagement experience, hosting virtual events and sharing best‑practice artefacts, tools and case studies. Hive collaboration is organised into discrete functional communities, such as Sales and Marketing, to ensure that content and sharing is focused and relevant. This platform has become ever more important in the virtual working environment necessitated by the Covid pandemic. In the last two years, we have hosted over 140 online events, attended by over 8,000 portfolio company executives.